chapter  2
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Shooting Frame by Frame

I am always torn between the excitement of jumping directly into the production of an animated idea and approaching an idea with a better thought-out plan. Getting your hands on a camera, simple capture software, and shooting a scene spontaneously can be fresh and exhilarating, until you run into your first challenge or problem. This is especially true when shooting frame-by-frame pixilation of human subjects. Any animation is hard work, and you do not want to waste anyone's time and energy. Creative ideas need to be drafted and carefully honed to impress any audience these days. We are a visual storytelling society, and much more discerning about filmmaking language than any time before. Having a good idea and an interesting way of telling it gains and holds an audience's attention, and that is good communication. This planning phase, known as preproduction, is your road map or core idea that gives you direction. It also changes, and that is not a bad thing. There is room for the spontaneous approach, mentioned earlier, in this process, and we come across the subject again later on.