chapter  4
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I have always been pretty vocal about how much I hate sports. Alright, maybe not hate, but dislike may be a better word. It’s not that I don’t like throwing a ball around with a bunch of friends . . . well . . . actually – I don’t. I mean, what’s the purpose? One thing I do like about sports though is it’s a great analogy for teamwork. Football, America’s new national pastime, is all about the team working together to make progress (yardage) down the field and getting one of those “goal thingys.” Vince Lombardi is one of the most loved and winningest football coaches of all time. So much so that they re-named the NFL Super Bowl trophy after him. Lombardi often credited his successful football wins to teamwork on the field. He was often quoted for his philosophy on teamwork and managing a team. Here’s some words of wisdom from Lombardi:

The great American inventor Henry Ford is best known for creating the assembly-line process so that he could keep up with the huge demand there was for his automobiles. Ford knew that his process would collapse if not for the specialists he employed to work every phase of the line and to bonding them together as a team was his primary goal. If the guy putting the lug nuts onto the wheels didn’t do his job properly, it would have ill fated results when the automobile rolled off the factory line. The wheels would

fall off! Ford, too, had a lot to say about teamwork. These are some of my favorite “Fordisms”:

Most of these quotes have to do with Ford’s strong feelings about team work and the individual’s realization that hard work will lead to success. He felt that nothing was impossible with hard work and the right team. He certainly proved that out in his lifetime.