chapter  5
Express Yourself!
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The usual time we directors would get people’s notes on our film was right

after a screening of the storyboard animatic. The story was still in a pliable state and

any last thoughts should be voiced then before the gears of the unstoppable production started

up. This was a great and awful process at the same time. Some presented ideas were supportive and

helpful to your vision of the film and while others were supportive of a different film that you did not want to

make. You had to take the good with the bad. What a director developed in this Disney system was

not only a thick skin, but also to become an “idea filter.” Like a filter you allow many ideas in but only the best out. This is not an easy thing to do. The thing you must always

hold onto is that the filter is your vision for the film. If it’s not strong, then it will be next

to impossible to filter out the bad ideas and ultimately you will end up with a soupy mess. That’s the The director as idea filter.