chapter  6
Be Prepared
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Eric: Oh, boy. Well, I was always an animation geek, from when I was very young. I was a TV boomer baby, you know, and, started doing flip books at a very early age, and eventually got a Super 8 camera as a Bar Mitzvah present, and started making my own Super 8 films, which eventually found their way to Richard Williams, who was directing Raggedy Ann and Andy in New York, actually bi-coastally, New York and LA. A friend told me that they were hiring. I was still in college at the time, but I went down for the world’s worst interview, because we didn’t have DVDs, we didn’t have, you know, links to our online websites . . . no, I lugged a Super 8 sound projector with me. The reels are clattering all over the floor. Fortunately, Dick Williams saw something in me, and decided to hire me anyway, and once Raggedy Ann and Andy was finished,

eventually he invited me to go to his London studio, and do television commercials, so, I packed my bags, and went to London.