chapter  8
You’re Only as Good as Your last Gig
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Tony: Yeah, people from the outside, they don’t see the pain. They don’t see the arguments. They don’t see all those things.

Tim: But they do see it when it’s wrong and if it’s really wrong, and early-on I kind of made that decision about the studio was that . . . I can’t follow my work around, or the studio’s work around, and make disclaimers. I can’t say “Oh. The client f***ed us,” or “That wasn’t my fault,” or whatever, so you’ve just got to fight every battle like it’s the last one, and only give in when you have no choice. That’s kind of the way I feel. And I don’t think that I’m worthy of having a big reputation, but I do have a reputation in this business, and with people we work for, for being kind of a dick just for that reason.