chapter  2
Preparing AutoCAD Linework for 3ds Max . . . . . .
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AT THE BEGINNING OF CHAPTER 1 , I stated that the bui lding block of any architectural scene is l inework and that the vast majority of architectural visual ization projects begin with AutoCAD drawings. Whether you model in 3ds Max or choose what I would cal l the more diff icult approach of modeling in other programs such as AutoCAD, Revit , or Architectural Desktop, l inework is where our work wil l always begin. Unl ike users in other industries who can start with a simple primit ive and use an endless number of tools to change the primit ive into a highly complex character or some other free-formed model, those of us in the visual ization industry cannot simply bui ld architectural elements without the same drawings used to bui ld the structures in real l i fe.