chapter  13
Lighting Strategies with mental ray . . . . . . . . . .
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NOW LET’S LOOK AT SOME practical appl ication of the theories discussed thus far. This chapter wil l discuss l ighting methods that wil l make your visual izations come to l i fe and the strategies introduced here are designed to give you the tools to use mental ray eff iciently in production. To simpli fy our discussions, we’l l concentrate on two l ighting categories; exterior and interior solutions. Due to the scope of this book, I wi l l intentional ly skip studio l ighting as this is not a practical appl ication for l ighting in architectural visual ization. Studio l ighting is geared more for things l ike electronics, cars, and other retai l product displays. The strategies discussed here come with specif ic goals in mind, but as we discovered from the last chapter, global i l lumination techniques are not entirely discreet from one another, and in fact can be used in conjunction with each other to al low for greater control over scene l ighting. Take your t ime working through the fol lowing exercises and continue to revisit them unti l you ful ly understand why every step was taken. Be patient and try to extend what you learn here to your own scenes, and when needed, review the theory from the previous two chapters to help remediate any problems that may arise with your scenes.