chapter  11
Successful Promotion on the Web
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In the restaurant analogy, management must make certain obvious marketing efforts to become successful, including advertising, getting reviews, creating word of mouth, and offering coupons, to name a few. There is a common expression: “No one wants to eat at a restaurant with no cars parked out front.” The presence or absence of a full parking lot indicates a restaurant’s popularity and level of success. Online, search engine ranking achieves the same purpose: a high search engine ranking denotes that your web site is one of the more popular sites in its particular keyword-driven category, and as a result, more Internet users are likely to check it out. But how does one achieve this high ranking? Restaurants have been known to have employees park their cars out front on slow nights to give the appearance of a popular spot. Web sites use search engine optimization (see the section on search engines) to achieve this same result.