chapter  14
Mobile Media
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FROM CELL PHONE TO MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE: ADOPTION The wireless handset, which has morphed into a multimedia personal communication device, continues to grow in popularity around the world. Beginning with the third-generation (3G) handsets a few years ago, mobile data networks and increasingly sophisticated handsets have been providing users a variety of offerings. The first generation of mobile phones was introduced in the 1970s, and the period lasted through the 1980s. These devices worked on an analog signal much like those used by two-way radios. The second generation began in the 1990s, used digital voice encoding, and included the geographically compatible Global System for Mobile (GSM). The third generation, or 3G

Table 14.1 Global penetration of cell phone adoption

technology, allowed for enhanced multimedia, broad bandwidth and high speeds, and usability for a wide variety of communication tasks.