chapter  8
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Doin’ it in the dark: cameraless filmmaking/ darkroom printing

I mentioned earlier that I used different filters in my flashlight. I cut them out of a swatch book for gels and experimented with different ones until I got something that worked. This involved a lot of testing on different strips of film and hand-processing them until I got the desired result. I highly recommend this for you as well. As you can see there are so many different ways that you can incorporate ray-o-grams into your cinematic toolkit. One of my students, Brendan Fields, took this idea of hand-printing and RAN with it. Instead of using a flashlight for a light source he used his iPhone. He created colored JPEGs in Photoshop and then used these to print on daylight-balanced color negative film. You can see the results on the website. The film is called Untitled #2 and what follows are his instructions for how he did it.