chapter  13
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Glitch: video/digital breaks down

A few years ago I wandered into a presentation by a guy named Evan Meaney at the University Film and Video Association annual conference. He was funny and sounded smart, and was talking about this new-fangled thing called hex editing and glitch art. He had been a student of a friend of mine at the University of Iowa in the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature, but he wasn’t talking about movies, he was talking about destroying code and entropy and how everything is constantly already devolving. Needless to say I was immediately interested. He also happens to be a very friendly chap so even though I am about twice his age (or feel that way) he has been very kind to me, presenting his new work to my Alternative Production classes via Skype for the last several years and fielding the queries by myself and my students when the need arises. It is important to acknowledge that this chapter wouldn’t even be in this book if we hadn’t met that day. Despite the fact that I’m interested in all kinds of art, I just hadn’t crossed paths with anyone who made codebased art so interesting or accessible to a silver process gal like me.