chapter  20
Graphite Modeling Tools
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If the selected object does not have an Edit Poly modifi er or has not been converted to Editable Poly, then the options are available in the Graphite Modeling Tools for adding the modifi er or converting the object. If the object has the Edit Poly modifi er or is an Editable Poly object, then the full range of Graphite Modeling Tools is available in the Ribbon menu.

The Graphite Modeling Tools workfl ow is well suited to “organic” objects such as soft furniture or characters where a modifi er-based or lofting workfl ow is not particularly appropriate. But because of the linear nature of editing with Graphite Modeling Tools, it is a good idea to carefully plan your approach to the creation process before starting any actual modeling. This planning process requires experience with the tools, so it is recommended that you begin using Graphite Modeling Tools by creating simple objects to familiarize yourself with as many options as possible before undertaking complex modeling tasks.