chapter  1
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The Design of Self-Promotion

T H E D E S I G N O F S E L F - P R O M O T I O N

I want to begin this book and this chapter with the idea that fi rst you must believe in yourself. If you don’t, who will? We can compare the process of trying to get your foot in the door of any job with that of dating and fi nding a spouse, or building any relationship, really. Most of the rules apply to both. In a way you’re trying to sell yourself to a potential romantic partner just as you are trying to sell yourself to a potential employer. So there are some key concepts that you must keep in mind and they are as follows:

Show your value. How are you different from everyone else? What makes you the cream of the crop? Why are you worth the investment of time? Don’t just blabber on about how wonderful and great you are. Prove it. Everything you do from this point forward in creating the best representation of yourself should illustrate how creative you are and show your talents and abilities. Learn how to problem-solve. Problem solving is probably the most important skill that you can have.