chapter  7
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You now have a demo reel and need to export or render the fi le so that you can get it distributed to as many people as possible and consequently get a job. The smallest dimensions you should export your demo reel are a resolution of 720 × 480. Of course, you want as large of a fi le as possible so that people can see the quality of your work. A resolution of 720p is generally adequate for this purpose, and as most people are working in HD, this is what I would recommend. However, if you have been working at a lower resolution all along, then you need to remain consistent during the export. When working on your demo reel, all the fi les should remain uncompressed so that you end up with the best quality. Your initial output can be uncompressed, but it is not effi cient to post an uncompressed demo reel online, because the fi le size would be too large. No one is going to wait for an uncompressed fi le to download.