chapter  Chapter 18
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Protecting the Infrastructure

WithCurtis Franklin, Brian J. S. Chee

Protecting the infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s in information technology (IT) professionals' data center, a private cloud server, or a public cloud server, is really about limited access to key resources. The key idea is to reduce the need for physical access to IT professionals' computing facility and help make more informed decisions on their physical server infrastructure. In the case of public cloud infrastructure, many corporate security teams are struggling to even maintain basic awareness of what applications, workloads, and data are moving into those environments. In the context of Cloud Computing, NetFlow can provide a cost effective means for IT Security teams to regain visibility into infrastructure that is becoming virtualized and moving into cloud environments. The promise of federation seems to be the big driving force in those organizations that would like to be able to delegate some access into IT professionals' cloud infrastructure, but to limit what’s actually exposed.