chapter  6
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ByHarriet Hawkins

The thesis was constituted by a poetry collection Emblem and an eighty thousand word written document that together ‘comprises a critical and creative investigation of emblems from an ecophilosophical and poetic perspective.’ The thesis comprises a body of multi-media practice, including paintings as well as films, and experimental text-based work and a forty thousand word document. The practice is accessed through a specially designed website and an artists’ book. The doctorate has emerged as a key site for the evolution of relations between geographical research and art. As with geographical research more widely, creative practice is made present in PhD research in a rich range of ways. In other words, where practice comprised a significant part of the thesis accompanied by a written document. A global survey of geography departments in 2019 estimated that about fifty or so of these practice-based PhDs had either been passed or were in progress.