chapter  8
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ByHarriet Hawkins

This chapter explores the growth of exhibition making at the intersection of geography, art, and research. Geography is rarely included amongst the key group of modern ‘exhibitionary’ disciplines. In other words, those disciplines, such as anthropology, geology, and art history, whose evolution was closely bound up with the evolution of sites of display. Furthermore, as well as reclaiming geography’s exhibitionary histories and the role of the curation of objects and knowledge in the founding of the modern discipline, we must also consider the growth of exhibition-making as a contemporary geographical practice. The term ‘research-exhibition’ has become increasingly common in recent years, both through the growth of practice-based research – resulting in works – but also in the growth of exhibition-making as a practice of research communication. The growth of a geographical research exhibition is perhaps not surprising given the growth in the interactions between geographical research and both cultural institutions and creative disciplines.