chapter  13
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Some Experimental Studies in Friction, Lubrication, Wear, and Thermal Shock

This chapter describes a number of experimental investigations covering different aspects of tribology. It discusses experimental techniques which can be used to study the effect of the lubricant properties on surface temperature and wear in sliding contacts and the effect of repeated thermal shock on the fatigue life of high-carbon steels. The effect of an oscillating tangential force on the contact surfaces of elastic bodies has been subject to considerable interest. The tractions on and the displacements of the portion of the contact surface where no slip occurs are obtained from the solution of the boundary value problem. The surface preparation consisted of washing all contacting surfaces of the balls and pins with methyl alcohol. The slider surface is a well-ground steel plate. The slider block is submerged in an oil bath. The surface temperature and wear in a rotating mild steel shaft are measured under different loads applied by a tungsten carbide slider.