chapter  3
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Traction Distribution and Microslip in Frictional Contacts Between Smooth Elastic Bodies

Frictional joints attained by bolting, riveting, press fitting, etc., and are widely used for fastening structural elements. This chapter presents design formulae and methods for predicting the distribution of frictional forces and micro-slip over continuous or discrete contact areas between elastic bodies subjected to any combination of applied tangential forces and moments. It also presents algorithmic solutions which can be utilized for the analysis of the general case of frictional contacts. The prediction of the areas of microslip and the energy generated in the process are therefore of considerable interest to the designer of frictional joints. The traction force value should be less than the frictional resistance in the no-slip region and equal to the frictional resistance in the slip region. The analysis of the frictional contact problem under a combination of tangential force and twisting moment is a highly nonlinear problem.