chapter  9
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Case Illustrations of Surface Damage

Surface damage in gear systems is influenced by the following variables: load intensity, geometry of the contacting bodies, physical properties of the surfaces, rolling and sliding velocities, properties of the lubricant, presence of abrasive or corrosive substances, existence of surface layers and their chemical composition, surface finish, and surface temperature. Rolling fatigue is a case of fatigue under combined stress where the material in the contact zone is subjected to reversed subsurface shear stress under high triaxial compressive stress. The chapter deals with the thermal-related problems and surface durability of ramp-ball clutches which are generally used for one-directional load transmission and can be utilized in developing mechanical function generators. The case of a disk with uniform thickness is considered to investigate the effect of the loading location on the thermal and thermoelastic behavior of the disk by applying the total heating load at the disk outer surface and the inner surfaces respectively.