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A Circular Fashion Menu System Based on Human Motor Control Knowledge for the Pen-based Computer

This paper proposes a new type of dynamic menu system that was designed based on human motor control knowledge for a pen-based computer. This system is named FMS (Floating Menu System). Proposed new system is a kind of a pie menu system, so the menu command options organized around the current cursor position. The advantage of the pie menu is that the user can select the command option only by control of the movement direction, without need for accurate control of movement amplitude. The FMS was experimentally compared with the conventional drop-down menu system in young and adult subjects by using a stylus pen or a standard mouse as a pointing device. The experimental results revealed that total selection time was significantly reduced in the proposed menu system, especially in the elderly subjects. The reduced movement time using the FMS can be explained in terms of reduced movement complexity. We are investigating whether FMS is applicable as a pen-based computing system for a blind person.