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Advanced User Interface for the SAFEGUARD professional driver seat

Low back pain is more frequently present in patients involved in occupations that are related to driving automobiles, motorcycles, buses, tractors, trucks and heavy construction and agriculture machinery. Furthermore, low back pain is the leading major cause of disability in those younger than 45 years. Health and comfort issues emanating from prolonged seating and long-time exposure to vibrations are critical for the majority of professional drivers. The EU co-funded project SAFEGUARD aims at developing a new seat that will improve comfort, while decreasing the risk for health damage. In addition, it aims at developing in a broader sense a methodology, to evaluate seating comfort. The solution proposed within SAFEGUARD is to provide automotive companies with advanced seat features that enhance driver's safety and comfort. Within this paper the functionalities proposed for the SAFEGUARD seat will be explained and their expected impact on driver's health and safety will be briefly presented. The methodology used to reach the final result on the User Interface will be explained and the way all functionalities have been incorporated will be presented.