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An Evaluation of Text Entry Methods in a Standing Posture for Application to an Immersive Virtual Environment

An experiment on text entry in an immersive environment was performed by Osaw a and Sugimoto (2002). It measured and compared the performance and user preferences of an integrated method of speech and hand-manipulation, a virtual keyboard, and a method using speech-recognition. To complement this experiment, we performed a small-scale pilot study to investigate methods, features, and tendencies of text input using handheld devices in a standing posture, as they might be used in immersive virtual environments. We are still at a very early stage of exploring text input in immersive virtual environments. Thus, we conducted an experiment to compare five

input methods in a real office, rather than in an immersive virtual environment. We asked subjects to perform text input tasks while standing, because users of an immersive environment are usually standing when they use the environment.