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Short Span Interaction in Mobile Phone Answering Situations

During the last ten years, the penetration of mobile phones into the mobile communication device market has grown significantly. Today, almost everyone in Finland has a mobile phone and many of us even own several. The world is getting mobile - at least world communications are getting mobile. Almost everyone in every part of the world would like to own a mobile phone, while numerous people use cell phones and laptops daily and are intent on owning other mobile devices as well. Never before in history has such a remarkably large part of the population carried a communication device with them on a daily basis. This situation has changed mobile phones from luxury devices to mass-market objects. Phone users do not see mobile phones as durables, rather as objects of instant consumption. In Finland, for example, on average, mobile phones are owned for only one and a half years. Consequently, models of mobile phones change rapidly and users must frequently familiarize themselves with new devices and new ways of interacting with them. In science, and especially in the field of HCI (Human - Computer Interaction), mobile phones and their usability has been a subject of great interest. Technological development has been so rapid that researchers have had to work hard to keep up to date with all the fast-moving developments. Technological development will raise new questions about Human - Device Interaction. Changes and developments in user interfaces and input devices will change the ways in which users interact with the technology. Cognitive requirements and limitations in interaction with new devices will be an interesting challenge for HCI in coming years. In this paper, a concept of" short span interaction" will be launched. This concept is based on the studies presented below and can be described briefly as: "interaction is what occurs when the user interacts with the device for the first time and/or without paying attention to the device - user interface functionality-. In this situation, the mental model of devices, habits or previous experience will define the decisions the user makes. " Short span interaction is a concept that helps us to understand this very short moment of human device interaction.