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A Run-time System for Context-Aware Multi-Device User Interfaces

In the last few years, the use of mobile computing devices has tremendously increased and expectations are that the growth of mobile computing will continue for many years to come. This evolution creates new challenges for the design of user interfaces. In order to effectively use the new technology, an application will need to be usable on different platforms, in different circumstances and by different users. Thus, the user interface of the application has to adapt to the context in which it will be used. In this paper, we will address the problem of context-aware computing and how a user interface can be adapted according to its context at runtime and still be usable. We will define the concept context of rendering in order to effectively incorporate the information provided by the context of use in the rendering of a context sensitive user interface. To achieve this, we will combine task models with abstract user interface descriptions and context dependent information. The approach that is taken will be illustrated by the discussion of a proof-of-concept implementation.