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Incorporating Adaptivity in User Interface for Computerized Educational Systems

Adaptive user interfaces are a relatively novel solution to usability problems, which attempt to exploit the capabilities of interactive systems in order to accommodate the great variety of users and/or functionality (Benyon, 1997). Within this context a user interface is called intelligent in the degree it adapts itself and makes communication decisions dynamically, at run-time (Karagiannidis & Stephanidis, 1998). Intelligent user interfaces facilitate a more "natural" usercomputer interaction, attempting to imitate human-human communication and constitute a major direction in current human-computer interaction research (Maybury, 1999). Several efforts

towards the development of adaptive interfaces have been reported in the literature since the early eighties when they appeared, resulting in a number of prototype systems in several application domains like intelligent help, (intelligent) tutoring, information filtering or intelligent multi-media systems (IISIG, 1998).