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Function analysis and control panel design of in-car computer systems (E-Car)

A Variety of computer subsystems have been proposed as efficient tools for drivers nowadays. For example, electronics map, communication and multimedia systems have become standard equipments in the car. Through the use of these advanced technologies, drivers can enjoy high-quality life such as receiving real-time information, driving with amusements, quick to reach the destination, etc. However, driving is a mental-driven and highly information-processing task which requires more cognitive ability and less physical skill. It is necessary to estimate human mental workload and physical limit during driving. The objective of this study is to develop a safe and useful control panel which can offer drivers appropriate and useful information during driving. The results of questionnaire study were the priority of E-Car functions in three specific situations. The results can be used to consider E-Car necessary functions in the subsequent experiment. The results of virtual reality experiment revealed that with fewer numbers of buttons on the control panel, drivers feel more comfortable, effective, convenient and safe during driving and manipulating E-Car system at the same time. The result also showed that to converse nine subsystems with 3 buttons substantially better than with five or nine buttons. It can be considered on E-Car control panel design in the future.