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Acting User Scenario for User Centered Design Team

Abstract The purpose of this research is to propose a design approach for information appliances in the age of network computing. This paper focuses on a design method with acting user-scenarios for design collaboration by various types of professionals. From the user-centered design approach, the collaboration of various types of professionals is important to design information appliances because of complex usage, tools, and systems. One of the difficulties of collaborations among various types of professionals is that it is not easy for them to communicate with each other because their backgrounds, the results of their work, and their technical terms are different. The author has extended the user-scenario method to acting userscenarios to help the collaboration. The suggested method is that the designer acts out the userscenario by him. After proposing the design method, two experiments was performed to evaluate the approach and the results showed that the proposed method helps the designers to design the information appliances. The method supports collaboration among various types of professionals and helps them understand from the user viewpoint.