chapter  16
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Compressed air

The linear movement is also used effectively to perform functions such as positioning, turning, bypassing, selecting segregating, index locating and ejecting in various mechanical devices.

The advantages and disadvantages of the pneumatic system are given below:


1. Air is available in plenty and free everywhere for compression and usage. 2. Compressed air can be stored. 3. It can be transported easily through pipes over long distance. 4. Compressed air systems are cleaner as compared to the hydraulic system. 5. For smaller output forces pneumatic are cheaper, simpler and can

achieve high working speed. 6. The speed and the force are infinitely variable. 7. When overloaded a pneumatic tool will stop and so is safe as

compared to electrical system. 8. No fire hazard as in electrical systems so can be safely used in

dangerous area like mines. 9. Simple in construction, the pneumatic system components are easy

to maintain and repair. 10. The used air is dissipated into atmosphere so no return lines are

needed as in hydraulic system.