chapter  2
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Role of maintenance

Maintenance role is changed substantially in the spinning mills since the last two decades. In 1970, management believed in taking action only after the failure of machine or equipment. In this type of mechanism cost is very high. The major expenses involved in this type of maintenance are high spare inventory cost, high overtime labour cost, high machine down time and low production availability, as no body anticipate the maintenance requirements. In 1990 the trend changed to preventive maintenance. This type of maintenance system intended to prevent the unscheduled down time and premature equipment failure. This type of system is a time-driven schedule and involved recurring tasks such as lubrication, cleaning and adjustments that are designed to maintain the acceptable level of reliability and ability of machine. In 2000 the maintenance involved predictive maintenance, in addition to preventive maintenance. In this system, instead of relying on average life statistics to determine the schedule activities, one uses direct monitoring system of the mechanical condition, system efficiency and other indicators to determine maintenance activity of each machine in the spinning plant.