chapter  6
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Algorithmic compression

The author discovered in 1998 a ‘compressible’ random binary sequential string and stands as the most precise and accurate measure of randomness known in statistical physics (Tice, 2009 and 2012). A compressible random binary sequential string program utilizes a traditional binary random sequential string such as [001110110001110] that is 15 characters in length and sub-groups each like-natured sub-group of either 0’s or 1’s as follows:


A notation system is used behind each initial character to give a total number of like-natured characters in each sub-group while removing the remaining like-natured characters from each subgroup as follows:

0 (2) +1 (3) +0+1 (2) 0 (3) +1 (3) +0

The compressed state of the original random 15 character binary sequential string is as follows:

The compressed state is 7 characters in length from the original pre-compressed state of a 15 character random string. Traditional literature on random binary sequential strings has this random 15 character binary sequential string as being unable to compress. The author’s method of compression reduces, compresses, the original 15 characters into less than half of the original total length.