chapter  2
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When I was six my parents moved to Stafford, but, because of some anxiety about my health, I did not go to school until I was ten; up till then my mother gave me lessons at home. Except for my sister, I do not remember meeting other children at that time. The school, a small preparatory school (Baswich House), was near enough to Stafford for me to be a weekly boarder and I was there in the first year of the school's existence. There were only three boys, and we never rose above thirty. The headmaster and owner of the school, G. F. A. Osborn, must have been an excellent teacher, taking me well on in algebra and Latin before I left, and, as far as I can remember, even introducing me to calculus. When I was thirteen I was put in for some scholarship examinations. I failed to get one at Repton, but was successful at Clifton College, where I spent five years.