chapter  3
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Cambridge 1924–27

When I left school, after a few months at home reading mathematics with a coach, my parents sent me to Lausanne for the summer to learn French. Nothing could have been more unlike school. I stayed at a small and cheap pension, there were students of varied nationality and both sexes to get to know, mountains to be climbed, the lake (not yet polluted) for boating and swimming. Then, after a month with my parents in the Alps, and another in Liverpool, I went in October to St John's College, Cambridge. Surely no Oxbridge student will ever forget the joy of having a college room, (in fact two rooms), and an 'oak' (the outer door) that could be 'sported' (locked), or opened as one wished. Cambridge was complete and absolute freedom. The rule which seems to have riled some later generations that an undergraduate must be back in college by midnight, was something that would never have occurred to me to question.