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Introducing the site

WithKaren Fog Olwig, Kristina Grünenberg, Perle Møhl, Anja Simonsen

This part introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters. The part explores the contemporary migration practices of Somali women and men as they move towards, and within, Europe in search of more secure livelihoods while confronting new European initiatives on migration management and border control. It focuses on how in Italy the implementation of borders, in this case biometric borders, has meant that the Somali migrant community located there must make new choices and adopts new migration practices. The part shows how Somali migrants’ practices of sharing information constitute a tactical management of border-like experiences of migration and that these tactics resemble past approaches to obstacles in the form of borders. It argues that as a form of control, biometric registration must be seen in the light of a complex mesh of contradictory care relations associated with transnational migration.