chapter  6
14 Pages

‘In-formation’ and ‘Out-formation’

Routines and gaps en route
WithKaren Fog Olwig, Kristina Grünenberg, Perle Møhl, Anja Simonsen

Chapter 6, ‘In-formation’ and ‘out-formation’: routines and gaps en route’ takes its point of departure in the stories of four Somalis who are officially recognized as refugees in Europe, three of whom have been biometrically registered in Italy through fingerprinting. The chapter shows how biometrically registered refugees in overburdened localities such as Italy attempt to compensate for the gaps in the care system through the search for in-formation, that is, for bits of knowledge which are not fixed but always in formation. This search for in-formation reveals the gaps within the biometric border world that might make it possible for Somali refugees to continue their search for a better life.