chapter  1
79 Pages

Principles and Methodology of Product Testing

WithNicholas P. Cheremisinoff

Researchers in product development can make technological forecasts of new developments in basic and applied research that could give birth to new products and processes. This chapter provides terminology and fundamental concepts of polymer science and the philosophy of product development. The types of products formed in a condensation reaction are determined by the functionality, that is, by the average number of reactive functional groups per monomer molecule. Color pigments are added to obtain suitable color, impact modifiers are added to improve brittleness, fillers are added to reach desired mechanical properties and reduce production cost, and processing aids are added for ease of fabrication, and so on. In engineering applications such as those dealing in rubbers, the polymer can be highly loaded with a variety of fillers, reinforcing agents, and solid-liquid catalysts. Filler-polymer adhesion is important to the amount of elastic energy released by internal failure.