chapter  Chapter 7
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Evaluation of the scour

WithGeraldo Magela Pereira

The prediction of the scour pit is very imprecise, due to the large number of factors that intervene in the phenomenon: the incident jet form; the energy of the jet/gross head; the specific discharge; the degree of aeration of the jet; the height of water downstream. Emulsification of water is beneficial for the reduction of its scour power. This emulsi-fication of water is beneficial for the reduction of its erosive power. The increase in the specific discharge, caused by the advance in the technology of drive and operation of gates and that has led to increasing the size of gates, tends to aggravate the risk of scour. Several formulas were developed for the estimation of depth of erosion, based on experimental prototype studies. A. Veronese analyzed in his experiments the erosion exerted by a jet in free fall on the material without cohesion, as pebbles, since most of the valleys of Italy, for which its formula applied, has flood alluvial.