chapter  5
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View from the outside

Russian Orthodoxy in the patriotic and Christian alternative press during perestroika
WithSophie Kotzer

The study of the alternative press during the perestroika period involves some methodological challenges. This chapter is based on collection of non-traditional periodicals, press and documentation on social movements. It analyses a wide range of informal press belonging to four categories of patriotic groups: radical informal groups, the all-Russian patriotic movement, monarchist groups, and Christian democratic groups. It examines liberal-independent samizdat journals. Ideological discussion in the pages of the alternative press during perestroika was identified by imperial and anti-liberal tendencies closely interrelated with Russian Orthodoxy. Ideological discussion inevitably shaped the approach to other issues such as church-state relations, the social role of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), its relations with the ROC Abroad and the reforms within the Moscow Patriarchate. The alternative press during perestroika paid much less attention to the importance of historical memory as a continuity of cultural experience.