chapter  1
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The Logic of the Sexual Fault

WithGuy Le Gaufey

That the sexes are two constitutes perhaps the most mysterious of certitudes, which divides in the most intimate way because it forces the path to a double regime of truth: yes, man and woman do indeed belong to the same species, the one called human (at the same time as they constitute, of course, the human genus [the French genre is translated as genus or gender in English]), but are they not so radically different from one another that one might believe that there exists between them a difference in the pure state, as decisive as irreducible? To the point that one takes up again the same word gender (genre) to differentiate, in the species, two classes of individuals, man/woman, whose union is crucial for the perpetuation … of the human genus! How can a genus be composed of a single species, which itself is divided into two genders? Homonomy! It will be said that the first genre does not have the same meaning as the second! And to be sure, it must indeed be so, but might there not be here an opportunity to envisage sexual difference in the logical and classificatory register in which it has been always expressed?