chapter  1
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WithKaushalesh Lal, Shampa Paul

Education plays a supreme role in the life of an individual. New Educational Technologies (NET) are expected to help both teachers and students. The integration of new technologies into higher education stimulates several broader innovations. Educational institutions are adopting these new technologies at the school and tertiary level so that students can understand the theoretical concepts in science and mathematics particularly rather than just reproducing the principles in exams without proper understanding. The financial nature of the institution might influence the adoption of new technologies as the private universities face severe competition from others such institutions and government universities. Consequently usage of NET by students studying in private institutions is expected to be more extensive. The association between degree of NET use and impediments is depicted by a unidirectional arrow, suggesting that factors such as unreliable technology, insufficient infrastructure, lack of competent faculty etc. The chapter also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in this book.