chapter  2
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Literature review

WithKaushalesh Lal, Shampa Paul

Higher education plays a pivotal role in the economic and social growth of a country. In order to face issues brought about by diversification, internationalization and marketization of higher education, it is necessary to innovatively integrate new educational technologies (NET) into higher education. The adoption of NET provides a new teaching environment that helps to develop higher-order skills for solving complex real-world problems. The use of NET is useful to learners as well as society in general by means of democratization of education. Quality education along with commensurate skill acts as a key enabler for inclusive growth and sustainable development. Kaushalesh Lal’s study finds that skilled human capital is needed not only in high-technology sectors such as electronics but also in low-technology sectors such as garments manufacturing. Tertiary education in developing countries is serving as a major skill enhancement activity that has boosted economies.