chapter  3
45 Pages

Profile of institutions and degree of NET use

WithKaushalesh Lal, Shampa Paul

This chapter presents a profile of institutions and data analysis of students. In the era of liberalization of Indian education, the private sector was encouraged by the government to establish new higher education institutions. Established in 1922, the University of Delhi is recognized as one of the premier academic institutions in India. Gautam Buddha University is a state university of Uttar Pradesh established by the Uttar Pradesh Gautam Buddha University Act 2002. The Northcap University has developed an e-learning management system through which students can access online syllabus and course contents. As far as New Educational Technologies (NET) usage is concerned, it is highly used in managerial as well as academic functions. The high percentage of extensive users of NET could be attributed to the fact that almost all the research scholars are registered at the public-funded universities and it is they who are extensive users of digital technologies.