chapter  5
25 Pages

Analysis of motivational factors using extended TAM approach

WithKaushalesh Lal, Shampa Paul

This chapter focuses on the teaching community’s perception regarding benefits of educational technologies. The original Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) model was conceived and used by Fred D. Davis. There is a lot of competition among the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in particular the self-financed universities, to acquire and make use of the software technologies. Davis argued in his TAM model that any individual’s intentions to accept and use any technology is influenced by two variables, namely perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. The chapter presents four variables – encouragement by management, motivational factors, knowledge enhancement opportunities and age, to find their influence on new educational technologies adoption in Indian universities, drawing on the theoretical basis of TAM. It aims to identify the factors that influence the adoption of digital technologies in Indian HEIs. The chapter focuses on the teaching community’s perception regarding the benefits of educational technologies.