chapter  IX
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Meaning: Constructs and Hypotheses

WithA. Cornelius Benjamin

Symbols arise through operational consideration of the realm of occurrents, and as a result take on meaning properties which are expressive of the occurrents characterized and of the operational routes employed in the derivation of the symbols. There are symbols for occurrents themselves, and symbols for the structures of occurrents. This chapter aims to determine the part which hypothetical and constructional symbols play in science. The fact of the indirect derivation of suppositional symbols permits the attribution of meaning to them in the absence of their direct referents. If the operational routes are properly defined, and if the occurrents which originate the operational routes are clearly given, the resulting definition of the symbols for the obscure occurrents may be made as precise as the determinateness of the operation permits. All of the pseudo-explanations, e.g. potentials, capacities, unconscious purposes, are cases of constructs rather than hypotheses.