chapter  4
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The influences and impacts of the Arab Uprisings on the Islamist movements in Malaysia

WithMohd Irwan Syazli Saidin

The aim of this chapter is to focus on the attitudes of respondents towards the post-Arab Uprisings issues, which are directly relevant to the landscape of Malaysian politics as well as the development of political Islam in the country. This chapter will also examine the implications of the post-Arab Uprisings phenomenon on the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), the Malaysian Muslim Solidarity Front (ISMA) and the National Trust Party (AMANAH) members and activists, specifically how the events have impacted on their attitudes towards the issues of street protests, social media activism, political Islam and moderation, and influenced their interest in Middle Eastern political affairs. All the issues mentioned have recently led to the polemics about the impact of the Arab Uprisings amongst Malaysian Islamist opposition parties, specifically PAS, ABIM, ISMA and AMANAH.