chapter  Chapter 3
48 Pages

Analysing, translating, comparing, editing

WithStella Cragie, Ann Pattison

In this essentially practical section, the analytical model that has been designed to help readers prepare a text for translation is presented in both a full version and a fast-track form. The practical application of the model is illustrated by four worked examples using English texts from different genres (early twentieth century fiction, recent fiction, humour/literature and art history), which demonstrate how to extract information on the subject matter, language and culture involved.

The second part of the chapter covers annotated translations of four English texts taken from the same sources into French, German, Italian and Spanish and of four further texts in the same language pairs but working in the opposite direction. This is followed in Part 3 by a comparison of three translations of extracts from a French epistolary novel, a comparison of a passage from a nineteenth-century Italian classic with an English translation, a comparison of extracts from the Italian and German versions of the first Harry Potter book and a comparison of extracts from the Spanish and German versions of another Harry Potter book.

The final part includes advice on editing translations and practical exercises designed to help readers develop editing skills.