chapter  X
Towards a Positive Theory
ByW. H. Newton-Smith
Pages 29

Any theory of time must display time, or at least certain aspects of time, as not being mind-dependent. By contrast, on the reductionist theory any possible world lacking a set of events which is the counterpart of the set of events constituting the equivalence class of some event cited in identifying a temporal item in this world, is a world in which that temporal item does not occur. Platonism was construed as the thesis that time is a system of temporal items whose existence and properties are independent of the existence and character of the set of events constituting the history system. One ingredient is the notion of time as a logical space. The other ingredient is the notion of its being a logical space used by us to represent relations between events and conceptual connections between concepts. The difficulty with the theoretical framework theory is that it gives us too few facts.