chapter  2
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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

WithOkcan Yasin Saygili

Structured Query Language stands for structured query language, and its main purpose is to manage and design Relational Database Management System. A database system is at the top of the data systems, achieving good speed over its use. Providing access to data when needed is not enough; achieving the desired speed is equally important. Considering that there are so many features in databases, the answer is simple: to increase only the speed of the system and better understand the developer. A mess in a database system is an unbearable pain for many developers, so it is so important that the system is clean. Activities of users at terminals and most application programs should remain unaffected when the internal representation of data is changed and even when some aspects of the external representation are changed. The increase was tremendous and made storing the data normally in a simple file impossible and data transfer between the files very difficult.