chapter  4
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What’s Exadata?

WithOkcan Yasin Saygili

Oracle Exadata provides better performance and scalability and enables easy integration of the system. It shows great performance in creating great ecosystems. Oracle Exadata is the best database management system in the world, and Oracle and other vendors solve complex database problems using this system which works with compute nodes, storage nodes, and switches. It can be sized, tuned, and modified for any needs. It shows great performance even under heavy workloads, reduces database storage requirements, uses existing Oracle resources and skill sets, and results in a faster time to market. It is effective in building a new ecosystem for delivering good information technology (IT) services and is a gateway to building a new IT world. Oracle Exadata shows great performance, is cost-effective, and is applicable to Oracle database. Exadata offers private cloud features to consolidate all of the workload in sectors like banking, retail, and others.