chapter  6
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Oracle Storage Index and Smart Scan

WithOkcan Yasin Saygili

Oracle Exadata was developed as a new-generation software solution to work with engineered systems. One of its top features is storage index which works with a cell; thus, performs better in warehouse systems. Generally the smart scan feature is based on Exadata performance, but, in fact, storage is one piece of the puzzle on database performance in big warehouse projects. Oracle Exadata was introduced by Oracle, and customers were asked to give their opinion about the performance of its features. Oracle uses a new-generation hardware for providing Exadata service on cloud; thus, related Exadata are provided with top-notch features in terms of CPU and RAM. The main working principle of Exadata’s smart scan is direct reading from the path due to performance bottlenecks. Full table scan reads the database sequentially one block at a time. Oracle Exadata smart scan is designed for better performance; it executes a query with full table scan.